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ASB Security is the specialist in matters of alert transmission, alert processing, and control room computerization.

You can rely on 24/7 support by our helpdesk, remote technical management, online support and site support.

We create customer-friendly security concepts that are easy to operate and can be combined with domotics applications.

Companies choose ASB Security for our smart and reliable solutions, for which we use the best available equipment.

If we are not contented with that, or if we think it can be dome better or safer, we develop and produce them ourselves, if necessary!

Our IP based innovations and service concepts link (security) applications and equipment to the IP telecom infrastructure.

ASB Security is certified according to the European standards for alert transmission and secure data transmission, electronic payment and telemetry.

With ASB Security, your alert transmission is guaranteed to be on time and secure!

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CCS4300 indicatiepaneel:

Instantly observe different zones and states for your alarm system

The modern generation of alarm systems makes it easy to organize your locations in several controlled zones. The CCS4300 indicator panel allows you to see at a glance which zones and alarm system areas are activated or switched off.

This handsomely designed indicator panel can be installed anywhere, and it provides you with a direct visual overview of the status of your system. At a glance, you can see in which areas your alarm system is switched on (red), or off (green). And with one simple action you turn the system in an area on or off. The advantage lies in the fact that this simple operation minimizes the chance of human error.

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Quality Management, Safeguarding and Certification

ASB is very serious about security, and it does not compromise in matters of quality and reliability of the security products and services it delivers. If you decide to work with us, you can rely on us being in control, and you can rely on the highest security level.

We are certified according to the European standards for alert transmission and secure data transmission, electronic payment, and telemetry (remote measuring of parameters). Our products, services and way of working are periodically audited by the relevant authorities. We are proud of the fact that, in the past 36 years, no serious shortcoming or security risk was ever found! We do everything to keep it that way, and to prove ourselves worthy of your trust in our company.

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An innovative company is as good as the people it employs. Our employees will do everything to make our promises come true. The client and the results are of the essence: ‘To do what we promise, and to do what we agreed upon’.

This requires commitment, dedication, and discipline – but also curiosity an skills in communication and cooperation. Our professionals are trained well and up-to-date. They have the mentality, knowledge and skills to be a reliable partner for our clients.